From slavery to obesity: the story of sugar! You will not see sugar the same way again !


3 thoughts on “From slavery to obesity: the story of sugar! You will not see sugar the same way again ! 

  1. As to American slavery, probably cotton was a way bigger thing connected to slavery. So, it’s a typical Guardian idiocy.
    As to sugar and nutrition. Well avoid it. Get used to taking less of it. Notice that the hotter a Ketchup is the more sugar they put into it – because you notice sweetness less when something is hot. And sugar is cheap so they can sell lots of weight in the form of sugar. Try tomato mark. Will taste very bland at first, get used to it. After a while you notice how sweet Ketchup is.
    As you’re from Lebanon, of course avoid Baklava, Turkish honey and all islamic sweets. A Muslim in my company brings some sweets after their Eid feast. I can’t eat them, they’re 100% sugar. Muslims are crazy in that regard.
    I just found a statistic saying USA is fattest country of all OECD countries. The headline made that “Fattest country in the world”. But, that’s wrong. EGYPT is the fattest because they eat nothing but carbohydrates.

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    1. I was more interested in the story of sugar as process and a trade! From slavery to slavery!
      Now when it comes to nutrition, sugar is bad just as every delicious thing is.. so no surprise in this! And you ate right: the baklava is terrible. Not only it has tons of sugar in it but also ghee and liquid sugar on top! Those eastern Muslim sweets are deadly, and i hate it ! My German friends over here can’t eat it 🙂
      We are more of eaters than you guys but you surely drink much more than us!


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