life is a precipice!

via Daily Prompt: Precipice

As I read the word “precipice” on the daily prompt, I couldn’t help eating a chocolate egg. The link between eating chocolate and the precipice relies on the fact that eating chocolate, while I am on a diet, is choosing to jump into the pleasurable precipice. And that’s life: an ongoing precipice. Always having to make choices and take actions… or not. regretting an action or regretting no to make any action. Life is exciting and living is always edgy. I have learnt this lesson the hard way.

Being born in a war zone, and living half of my life under bombs, in Lebanon, I have come to learn that living is surviving. In the survival mode, everything is a precipice but one must take the risk, walk the walk and go on. The price of it? Life or death. There is always a kind of pleasure in the free fall!



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