Gossiping in the hospital 

Gossiping, as bla bla bla talk, is an emptiness filling, people can’t remain silent for too long, hence the difficulty of meditation. As silence is energy (at least in the eastern philosophy), I wonder where talkative people get their energy from and why do they speak that much. Sometimes I ask myself this question, for I am a teacher, going tired to class and ending up speaking for hours! Besides that I am paid to speak and besides the constant social media harassment and communication forcing, why is their a need to share stories, sometimes stupid ones? In a noisy world where one needs to lock oneself in a bedroom to be silent  (unless one lives in a big city), why isn’t all the outside agitation enough? 

As I was sitting in the hospital cafétéria,  two women were sitting nearby and one of them was endlessly talking; from her favourite meal to the story of her life, all this in a loud pitch (so I heard the whole conversation but I wasn’t suppose to), are we looking after all for visibility and recognition? For what and how? Even for ditching private lives in public? Even for public figures, artists, politicians, tweeting? So all this is the new way to deal with things and everything posted is ok?

Back to the hospital. The talkative woman probably took some weight off her chest. Her mate maybe wanted to give her support. All this is fine. But me? I was confused: I didn’t want to listen but I did! Although, speaking in a loud voice would suggest that this woman wanted everybody to hear her story, just like posting a picture on social media so everyone can see it. Again, is this all ok and acceptable?
Informations, opinions, speeches, lies, truths, elections, votes… they are all the same. If any of these could change the world, they would have been stopped!


One thought on “Gossiping in the hospital 

  1. “lies, truths, […]… they are all the same. If any of these could change the world, they would have been stopped!”

    Well. The entire purpose of propaganda has been to stop the truth. And it works for a while. And, propaganda is as old as the lie itself.

    And don’t say that lies are the same as truth. You know that’s false. It is difficult to find the truth. It is very easy to find as many lies as you want.

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