The Flow

Breathing is a flow. Running blood is a flow. Fluids are a flow. The universe’s birth and death are a flow. Dancing is a flow. Movement is a flow. Water is a flow. Swimming is a flow. Waves are a flow. The body is a flow. Life runs in and out. The world circulates in a cyclic stream. Planets and stars gush forth, explode and fade out.

Hear the OM of the universe crossing millenia. Here lies the 5th dimension. When one feels as a floating particle in the universal dance (physicists would not disagree on this). The body doesn’t exist, only its energy and perception do. Where science, spirituality and poetry meet lies the truth of our existence: perception, impression, sensation, thoughts, consciousness (I’m referring mostly to empiricist philosophers such as Berkeley and Hume). Then inner perception, meditation, universal connection, higher consciousness. Floating again and again in all directions.

In the esoteric spirituality, the 5th dimension is a state of universal consciousness. When someone reaches this dimension (we are mostly on the 3d one), one would feel permanent peace, bliss, love and joy, naturally and effortlessly. People would immediately see themselves in every being, whether humans or animals, with empathy. The mind is peaceful and all negative thoughts are flushed out. In this spiritual universal flow, the perception of time is different (from the one in 3d). Time is slow. The mind doesn’t perceive the time of the watch which seems to be fast. Time in the universal scale flows differently.

A person who reaches the 5th dimension is on intuitive knowing. Truth can be recognised based on how the information resonates, as everything is a flow including our thoughts.

Open your hips and let it flow!


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