Philosophy of a beginning new 2017


When a father holds his young child in fear above him, holding him or her, having horrific hours behind, being on a dark brutal sea in winter, surrounded by humans who also only want to survive… a young baby without any protection but the hands of his/her father holding, hoping, him hoping, trying to save this young human, in a deadly overcrowded rubber boat…

That is the beginning of 2017. How I saw it. And how I think about it. After only three days in this young year. Fits somehow: Young baby. Young year. Young rescue season. Young philosophy of this year, of a beginning, or.., but anyway new year 2017…

Is it something bad, that these humans had to suffer almost to death in Libya before they would die on the Mediterranean Sea but then got rescued and saved form all that? Or is it good, that they had…

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