The Dark Side

Anti matter, dark energy… a fascinating read!

Rationalising The Universe

Before we start i’d just like to apologise for our low activity on Rationalising the Universe as of late – given the Christmas period we’ve both been rather busy with family festivities but we’re about to jump back on the science wagon with full force. I hope everybody had a very merry Christmas!

Today we venture to the dark side in order to encounter the two most mysterious and shady characters in our universe: dark matter and dark energy.

Dark matter was first identified as the “missing mass” in galaxies and clusters required to explain their kinematic properties. The reason it is called ‘dark’ is because the matter does not emit or interact at all with electromagnetic radiation (such as light) it is therefore invisible to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. We cannot see it in visible, we cannot see it in infrared, we cannot see it period. Observations of the…

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5 thoughts on “The Dark Side

  1. Dark Matter is a fiction to save Einstein’s gravity-only universe. Vera Rubin and Zwicky came up with the idea. Rotation of galaxy is otherwise not explicable.
    Alternative idea: Electric Universe, postulating that plasma, EM-forces stabilize galaxy’s rotation.
    Note that Einstein (who stole from Poincare and Lorentz) did NOT consider any large scale electric forces (cosmologists to this day don’t).
    Plasma phenomena though SCALE: Increase voltage by fctor 10, space by factor 10, time by factor 10 and you get exact same shape of plasma formation. Plus: Tiny galaxy-like structures have self-organized in vacuum tubes in 1950ies experiments by Alfven.
    Einstein could not have known plasma: Alfven discovered it much later.
    Current cosmologies are all obsolete. Dark Matter and Energy are Midrash.

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      1. Anti matter exists. It can be observed experimentally. Dark Matter can by definition not be observed: It is an epicycle, a figment of the imagination of misguided fraudsters who need to preserve their gravity-only universe theory. One of the grand scientific frauds of our day: Causing billions of tax payer money to vanish in the dark back alleys of government science.

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      2. Dark Energy and Strange Matter are more of the same: They come up with ever more unobservable bullshit to save their lazy asses from having to actually work. Nothing but theft comes of this. Misguided kids who decide to become theoretical physicists are no better than HIV-infected back alley junkie whores: They are wasting their life.


      3. I like the unobservable and the delusional like mermaids and unicorns. We need nice illusions. This world is torn between hyper rationality and criminal illusions!


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