Modest sketches!

One of my hobbies I discovered lately: sketches. My favourite is city sketches, houses, architecture sketches. Maybe it comes from being an urban person. I just love cities. But I am not an artist and I don’t know how to draw. Drawing is all about perspectives and shadows but I have no clue of this. I draw what I see and my drawings look like baby sketches. It is fun!

This sketch below was done in Montparnasse, in Paris, as I was sitting in a café, windy and cold day. In Paris, it always feels like singing with Edith Piaff “Sous le ciel de Paris”:

This sketch is about East of Berlin, a city I absolutely love, for the energetic and coolness vibe of it:

The third sketch is a house I saw nearby where I live in Beirut. I drew what I recalled of it

Nothing philosophical about this post!

8 thoughts on “Modest sketches!”

  1. What is great is that you dare to just do something new.
    I often got depressed when starting things because I was so bad about it.

    I understand tht you must undergo total business in Beirut right now – and later trauma will follow.
    Maybe later when you find the time again you can do scetches about the city-trauma to work yours out
    or even put up some kind of exibition (or put it up in some community place) to help others with it also.

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      1. Yes. Mouse-Lynnchen! Our horsy pioneer-spirit!
        That is what will get us further on the path of enlightenment than many.
        That’s probably also why you can speak so many languages etc…

        When nothing happens I sometimes choose a new field to work on – currently I brush my teeth with my left (non-dominant) hand.
        I will take you as an inspiration and also will start to scetch around silly some time.
        I can’t paint at all but who knows what will come out of it.

        On another note:
        How do you personally handle your corona-precautions now that you are in the midst of a huge turmoil?
        And how do other Lebanese handle it?

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      2. It is always good for the mind and the soul to learn new skills. Thank you for making me an inspiration in this ❤👌

        Now corona rates are flying through the top. People are trying to follow the instructions but it is hard in these times.

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      3. Yeah you are my little inspiration!
        (I just featured you in my testimonials as “D. Maylynn – philosophy professor” – used your surname abbreviation to spice up your competence – hahaha)

        How do you personally protect yourself from corona these days ?
        Surely you can’t walk around in a raincoat etc. anymore all the time (or you simply stay 30km away).
        I ask, because I realised that there also is some kind of tiredness of protecting oneself once the first fear wore down. Especially when being surrounded by corona-deniers it is tempting to temporarily let one guards down.

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