20 miles off Libya at 06:00 AM

Waiting and waiting in the sea for saving people!


Days start early here on Sea, the Mediterranean Sea in front of Libya. We are 20 miles off the coast, West of Tripoli. Around 6 o´clock in the morning the first Search and Rescue (SAR) Team member starts the first watch-shift. Watching means searching using binoculars. Not an easy task as the rescue vessel Aquarius is moving up and down, the horizon is far, we can see max 8 miles.

Watching means, trying to spot these rubber boats people are forced into trying to survive a deadly crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. To be honest, these overcrowded 20 meter plastic boats have not a single chance to make it over. Zero. It is a forced, even often paid try into death. Drowning. Killing Sea. Criminals, the smugglers, do not care. Human traffickers also not really, although their criminal mind is already in Europe with hope to “receive” their “human cargo”…

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