10m waves rock Mediterranean Sea – and us


Arrived on board the Aquarius in Catania port, yesterday. The weather is fine – if you like stormy winds, rain and huge waves. Up to 10m on the Mediterranean Sea prevent us from leaving the port. Our old lady, the rescue vessel #Aquarius, run by #MSF and #SOSMEDITERRANEE is strong – but the typical med short waves would hammer us. And we want to be there to rescue not to be rescued. Seems we can start again Monday or Tuesday to continue our 10.000+ live saving mission since Feb 2016. Good to be back. Will be tough soon. Another rocky but bit better night in Catania harbour.

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4 thoughts on “10m waves rock Mediterranean Sea – and us

  1. This is probably one of the 15 NGOs that got license from the EU commission to drive right up to the Libyan shore, pick up refugees from rubber boats and transfer them to Sicily, making the business of the traffickers simple and filling Europe with Arabs and Africans. Normally their actions would be considered border violation.
    At the same time EU politicians and the EU commission claim they want to protect the outer border of the EU which is clearly not the case.

    The boats of the 15 NGOs constantly commute between the Libyan coast and Sicily / Sardinia etc.


    1. They are saving whom they can. On the high see few, or less can survive, if not on a normal boat. The boat doesn’t enter the Libyan water, it stays out. Anyway, to me humanitarian aid is a colonialism and I wrote about it


      1. This is how close they get to the Libyan coast.
        Probably staying JUST outside territorial waters, waiting exactly 22 km from shore to pick up human cargo.
        It’s just ferry business authorized by the Pan-Europa-Movement.


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