The mighty Shakespeare ! 

Laughter.. a pure human characteristic.. so much that the definition of a human been can be told as: the laughing being! Laughing reveals smartness, wit and humour means one’s capacity to transcend the being-here (l’être-là ), to understand it then to turn it into joke. The french philosopher Henry Bergson talks about laughter and sarcasm in his book The Laughter (Le Rire): he points out that a sarcastic situation is grotesque, something is wrong about it yet so exagerated that it becomes ridiculous. 

The quote of Shakespeare lines up love to laughter (almost the same prononciation in english: I laugh..I love). They both have in common what Kundera calls The unbearable lightness of being (probably the best of Kundera’s books). Don’t they give us wings? Aren’t they synonymous to Joy (Spinoza and Nietzsche preferred joy to happiness as it strengthens our being)? For those who don’t believe in love, they don’t believe in the power of desire either; so they don’t believe in life! Depreciation of life, grumpy people do!

Laughing is an opening to the soul. Make someone laugh and you will penetrate his/her soul. Laughing is being connected to the world. It is not a coincidence that Buddha is sometimes represented laughing. Laughing is also being like the nietzschean’s child, considering life a big game, loving the world as it is, laughing at/with it; loving life so much that one should want the eternal return of every detail of one’s life. That’s Nietzsche, the big lover  of life. And that is Shakespeare too whose plays shows a lot of humour underneath tragedy. 

Politics makes us hate life and hate ourselves. Watch the news and you stop laughing almost immediately. To escape horror, people become stupid and this can go viral ! Double goal for politics: stupid and sad people are easier to be ruled. Happy lovers are only ruled by their desire. 

Fall in love and fall on your back laughing, these are the core of life! 


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