I am not an artist and should I really care?

True, I am not an artist and I don’t like to be called artist. Let me explain: obviously it is not an insult to be called “artist” and that is not what I meant. What bugs me is that the word “artist” is somehow overrated these days. Anyone who scratches on a paper is considered as an artist. Anyone who sings is called artist.. Any kind of colourful/so-called-sculpture is defined as art. I would rather call all of the above a form of expression. why?

Because simply, the definition of art is a human activity that aims for aesthetics, and requires a high skilled technics.

The ancient Greeks used the word “tekne” for art or technics, the latter was an artisan activity that was about tool inventing. To them, there was no difference between an artisan and an artist because both of them were doing a tekne-cal activity. Plato thought of artists as dangerous for they create illusions, whereas Aristotle saw as very useful for art can be cathartic.

Therefore, art is creativity indeed, and maybe an expression, but it is also a technical mastering.

Art, or the ultimate arts were summed up in the “beaux arts” classifications. Even if our world evolved and included in the “beaux arts” other kinds of arts; in spite of this and as long as esthetics are not the aim, this can’t be called art. For this, humility is urged when the qualification of art/artist is about to be given. Not only humility, but also a fidelity to the definition of the word itself.

My stupid sketches can’t be along with the big painters’. Simply for my sketches were just made out of boredom, and out of exercising my vision and my precision in other activities. So I draw to teach better philosophy. I draw to have better taste in everything. I draw to have a better visual memory. I draw as a therapy. For all these reasons and so much more, I am not an artist and should I care?

5 thoughts on “I am not an artist and should I really care?”

  1. “Anyone who scratches on a paper is considered as an artist. ”

    Well. My latest discovery is Cy Twombly in that regard. The alcoholic Jackson Pollock being the first modern example. Pollock was first financed by FDR’s WPA. After WW2 the CIA financed pseudo art to demonstrate how free the West is. Cultural Marxism was all gung ho about ugliness and meaninglessness: As part of Critical Theory – the all-encompassing attack on Western Culture – it served as a vital part of demoralizing Western populations. Adorno of the Frankfurt School, inventor of Critical Theory, famously said, after Auschwitz there cannot be anymore beautyful music and art. The German State enthusiastically embraced this notion, gluttons for self-flagellation that they are, or Cucks as the modern word is, the lot of the political caste in Germany so to this day they throw millions at meaningless crap – the more expensive the better.

    This piece of metal cost 500,000 EUR taxpayer money.

    It means of course nothing.

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