Did we lose our creativity?

Creativity is inventiveness or the use of imagination and original ideas to create something. Blogs, articles, fashion mags, psychology mags, political mags, tv shows etc… can’t stop talking about creativity, giving advices and steps (usually countable ones) on how to become more creative. Strangely, creativity is mentioned everywhere, even in job applications, job interviews, day-to-day conversations. If creativity is the center of the world’s attention, this only means that we lack of it, or we want to pump more of it for all kind of interests. The question is: why are we se eager to be/become more creative? 

Baruch Spinoza is one of the few philosophers that underlined the importance of creativity and its link to happiness, wisdom and freedom.To understand the “steps” of becoming creative, one must acknowledge the philosophical system of Spinoza. To summarise it, Spinoza rejects any divine transcendence, identifies and merges God and Nature. Humans are “branches” of Nature that is God. So the intellectual love of wisdom is the true God who is the immanent reality.

To become creative, one has to acquire wisdom or true knowledge of passions, explained in the essence of human nature. There is in us an active element called conatus, defined as the effort by which each living creature (plants, animals, humans… they all come from Nature) strives to persevere in its being. In other words, humans (who are the main topic of this blog) have a conscious conatus, desire, responsible for the expansion and the assertion of the (human) being. The desire is obviously and constantly altered by external causes, since life is all about crossing and crossing over external causes, that brings us joy or sorrow. So, joy and sorrow are based on “meeting” something or someone that can make us happy or sad. The difference between these two passions can be read in the following:

  • Joy is the transition to perfection (happiness leads us to productivity, creativity, therefore freedom);
  • Sadness makes us less creative, envious and in a state of servitude.

If the world is so hungry of creativity, it is due to lack of happiness. Governed mainly by fear of everything and greed, we have become paranoid and looking for happiness in finances! Lack of being can’t be filled by possessing but by living! As Spinoza said:


3 thoughts on “Did we lose our creativity?

  1. a) Spinoza sounds like an atheist a.k.a. a pantheist in denial. (The universe created itself)

    b) The godly nature of the universe around us is identified by Christians as the LOGOS. (God spoke the word, and the universe came into being)

    S0 those positions can be united – while resolving the dilemma of the universe that created itself -; and the philosophical line Kant – Hegel – Schopenhauer (Die Welt Als Wille Und Vorstellung)- Nietzsche (Der Wille Zur Macht)- Whitehead (Being As Becoming) explores that.

    In Physics I see de Broglie’s Pilot Wave (Bohm-de Broglie interpretation of Quantum Mechanics) as a hint of a possible physicality of this (it is a non-local interpretation meaning every particle influences every other potentially in the entire universe) (this also seems to be the basic assumption of the Gauss-Weber electrodynamics)

    I will eventually write more about this on my blog. Stay tuned.


    1. Well said! Plz do write about it, because I didn’t want to go into too much details. Anyway thank you for taking your time to read it and reply! Have a nice day in the beautiful Germany 🙂


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