It is funny that when I am given a theme to write about, I just run out of ideas, or maybe ideas run away from me, fade away. This statement is very sincere indeed!

Only love is sincere, a love strong like a storm that lifts you so high that you have to look down and focus to see the world below. It is sincere in its strength, like a morning hot black coffee waking you up, shaking you up, pushing your body forward, sharping your mind and leaving a bright smile on your face. What is sincere? Solely the transparency of a thought, the warmth of hug, the wetness of a kiss, the sound of a heartbeat, the sparkling looks, the crazy sensations. Sincere one becomes when one receives all this. Love yourself and you become sincere with others. Love the world and your actions become sincere. Have faith, feel the connectivity with the Universe as a whole, be grateful to be part of this and you become sincere. I dont understand sincerity nor ethics without gratitude and love. As much as I don’t understand the ones who never felt the wonderful feelings we are capable of or the ones who choose to blindfold themselves to the sincere generosity and multiplicity of Life in all its forms!


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