Conscious thought and fuzzy reality

So very well said and explained! The questions asked are worth to be thought of very seriously! Super !

Rationalising The Universe

Ego is the immediate dictate of human consciousness.

The year is 2005 and we are in the Persian republic of Iran. Doctors stand before a 32 year old gentlemen they fear might be barking mad. More doctors gather, as questionably one of the most unusual mental heath cases in Iranian (and perhaps global) medical history unravels before them. The gentleman declares he is dead; and that he has been for some time now. Unfortunately what happened is that the man has died; and through a regenerative process been transformed into a canine. To make matters worse the same fate was bestowed on the poor man’s wife. This is a curious case of Cortard’s Delusion; a delusion in which the sufferer possesses the nihilistic belief that they  do not exist in one form or another. This may manifest as a total belief of non-existence, or in a lesser extent the non-existence of a part…

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