Humanitarian aid as the new colonialism?

Take a look at any NGO, professional humanitarians on board, funded by privates or public sectors, risking their lives to save people fleeing mainly  from wars, from oppression, from brutality, from violence, from poverty etc.. you  name it. These rescued will be taken to somewhere in Europe to seek asylum and a better life.

From this angle, we can only say may God help and multiply humanitarians from all over the world since our world is bleeding. From this angle, we can appreciate and applaud this beautiful work that keeps on reminding us that no matter how harsh things are, there are always good souls out there ready to help.

But I can’t help wondering if all this humanitarian aid isn’t after all a way to perpetuate misery. And by this, I’m not underestimating nor judging the humanitarians themselves, but the governmental positions behind them. Somehow, most of the powerful states on the international scene provide humanitarian aid. So how come, the trouble maker is the peace maker? If the trouble maker is a real peace maker, then why do we have wars, oppression, economical crisis to start with? Isn’t this double and contradictory attitude another way to say to the weak: I punish you when I want and I save you when I want? Therefore the fate of millions (good fate and bad fate) lies in the hand of the political decision makers. This tells that a handful of countries can decide for the destiny of the whole world and no one can decide for oneself, freely, just like the authors of Human Rights and the Aufklarung had taught us to be, to think and to become. 

In other words, humanitarian aid idea lies behind it a new colonialism ! 


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