Trabi or the world yet to come

The easiest way to understand people and their becoming,  is to compare all this with art, specially littérature. 
When we write, we tend to expose ourselves, to explore our memories, to create stories and personages by mixing our experiences together, imagination is a link based on previous perceptions and the ability to juggle with them, an explanation given by  the empiricist  philosopher David Hume: a pink mountain is the mix of two perceptions: a mountain and the pink colour. Drawing a pink mountain, is creating something that doesn’t exist in nature, giving way to another mountain to become. The more perceptions are mixed, the more creative the author/artist is. 

To go back to littérature as a dynamic form of art because in its ability to affect us and to create lives within life, the creation here is about people, different or similar to the reader, permanently about to be delivered. The Idiot of Dostoievski for example summarise a kind of people, naive and credulous, coming out during the reading of the book and lingering through life, the fictional and the real one. Therefore the Idiot is not framed in the book, the criteria are found in real life, evolving and mutant.

Same goes for the world. People are mutant, becoming other, changing. The cute Trabi car is another example: once the symbol of a strenuous strict life in East of Germany, it is now an art piece as a symbol of overcoming history giving birth to another history, yet to be written. As much as the Word is yet to come, as much as the World is yet to come. 


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