Eureka: the drunkard, the drunk and the sober… on reality

In these upcoming lines, a closer look on reality. From Latin root res, thing, the real is all the things that exist. Simple as it may sound, reality is much more complicated as we all know. Basically, reality is determined to exist, upon the principle of identity A=A. Adding to this, if it exists, it does anyhow somehow. So the idea here is that, once it is real, it is there, in any shape or any mold. Which brings us to the paradoxe of any existing thing: the necessity to exist because it is there, and the coincidence of being just anything. Therefore, the strange mix of necessity and contingency means that reality is meaningless in itself. We give it a meaning, imagine paths and destinations, conceive destinies etc… hence the plethora of opinions and beliefs. These add a layer of an image or opinion or truth on the meaningless real. Each one of us has a spectrum of criteria to evaluate and understand reality.

Philosophically speaking, the real is the idiot, from  the greek etymology  idiotes, the unique, the singular, the simple, that lacks reason/cause, the unusual that no one can explain rationally. In other words, the real can’t be doubled.

The sober is the one who sees double, analyses, figures out a meaning, decides the secret to things, unveils the truth in the greek definitions of the truth itself. The sober thinks and acts in systems and ideologies. That was, and still, the problem of certains philosophies. They tried to analyse but gave us instead interpretations.

The drunk is the one who loses his way and finds it once he is sober. “His way” is the representation that doubles the real as he sees it. Drunk, he is able to see things as they are, in their being, senseless and meaningless. 
The drunkard is the permanently drunk. He never loses his direction because there are no more directions or there are all directions at once. Unlike the sober who sees double, the drunkard sees simple, experience ontology, catches the being in its singularity as an idiotes or as “the being there”. 

Philosophy and art, raw real ones, are drunkards. Sober people, with their scheme of explanations and systems, stink in their souls! 


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