Carpe diem and schizophrenia 

One of the most famous wisdoms, Horatio’s famous quote means to live the moment without caring about tomorrow. This wisdom is found in many cultures, many philosophers and poets proclamed it in many different versions. Maybe the most practical of them is yoga… 

The aim of yoga is not to become more flexible, nor to be able to do unconceivable postures, but to live a better life. The latter starts here and now, on the mat, since spirit and matter are the same, in more modern semiotics all is psychosomatic. The flexibility of the body means the flexibility of the mind…

Without getting on details about the benefits of yoga which can be found easily on the net, the carpe diem attitude is quite disturbing, in a world full of conflicts. It can be seen as indifference, as irresponsibility, as burying the head in the sand, not wanting to take actions in our mad world… all things media tries hard to push us to do the opposite! But on the other hand, books and websites harass us about the importance to seek happiness within us by the carpe diem. So it is normal to become confused to say the least at the end of the day.

A carpe diem attitude is a schizophrenic one, not by the means of the mental disorder or perhaps it is, because we can’t cope up anymore with what is happening around us, for it is way excessive: excessive violence, excessive corruption, excessive wars, excessive stress, excessive madness… Therefore, live the present for tomorrow is never certain to come, for solutions and justice are less likely to be fast!


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